Columbia High School

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Class Favorites for Class of 2021

Most Likely to be President:

Evan Weeks

Annie Alaniz


Most Likely to be a Billionaire:

Jacob Bailes

Amber Oum


Most Talented

Luke Blaschke

Alyssa Owens


Most Likely to be a Comedian

Nathan Davidson

Jamoryai Butler


Biggest Smile

Robert Johnson

Allie Damborsky


Most Athletic

Zade Stroman

Kirsten Bragg


Best Dressed

Garrett Epps

Brinley Hardwick


Most Artistic

Gabriel Silva

Preslee Armstrong


Most Likely to Have a Million Followers

Ryan Cottrell

Alyssa Owens


Best to Quarantine With

Kole Kelley

Kara Moraw


Best All Around Roughneck

Koby Herrera

Sydney Horak