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On Wednesday, December 8th from 6-7:30 there will be a 40min presentation on the history, youthful marketing, and negative health effects of vaping, then we will transition to an activity for parents to learn about how the vape products are made to be hidden and what to look for if they suspect their child is vaping.
At the completion of the presentation we will then move to the library where a “mock bedroom” will be set up and parents can look for common items that are also vaping devices.


The Parks Department is gearing up for the annual Dunes Day project and needs recycled Christmas trees this year to help rebuild the dunes.

See the flyer below for drop off locations, you may drop off trees at Surfside Beach’s main entrance thru Jan. 14th, 2022…

“Be part of a great project to restore Brazoria Co Beaches!!!”



Any changes to your second semester schedule needs to be done soon.

December 10th is the absolute last day to make changes.

There will be no schedule changes when we return from the Christmas holiday.

If you have any questions or concerns please come by the guidance office as soon as possible



1st team:
•Kate Kondra
•Madison Hornback
•Mariah Velazquez

2nd team:
•Briana Yanez
•Katie Arnold
•Keirstyn Lewis

Honorable mention:
•Jordan Hanzik
•Danee Hobbs
•Payton Damborsky

Academic all-district:
•Kate Kondra
•Jordan Hanzik
•Mariah Velazquez
•Madison Hornback
•Madison Hardin
•Katie Arnold
•Katelynn Lewis
•Briana Yanez
•Rylynn Maynard
•Danee Hobbs


f you plan on playing softball this year please go to the link through the QR code and fill out your information. The link is also listed below.

MOS Certification

Super shout out to Ni'Yah Carter for her Excel EXPERT certification today!
Also earning MS Office Specialist certificates in Word, Excel and PowerPoint are:
Haley Armstrong, Major Marshall, Brayden French, Marengo Ricketts and Kash McCracken.
CONGRATULATIONS to these hard working Roughnecks!!


The CBISD Athletic Department will be sponsoring a student bus for the playoff game on Friday, November 19th. The bus will leave from the High School Front Office at 4:30 pm. To ensure that you have a spot on the bus, you must go to the front office and give Mrs. Coulter, your name and $6.00. When you get on the bus on Friday, you will get your ticket for the game. The $6.00 is to purchase the ticket.

A couple of notes:

1. You must be signed up for the bus by noon on Friday.

2. There are only 40 spots.

3. Please bring extra money to the game for snacks and drinks at the game.

4. The student bus will not stop coming back from the game, it will come back straight to the High School.


to these students that CERTIFIED in a MS Office 2019 application this week!

Karmen Hanzik—Word EXPERT.

Yuleni Angeles—PowerPoint

Makayla Russell—Excel which gives her 5 total, earning a chord at graduation 😊

Abigail Bishop--Word


Friday, November 19th will be an early release. School will end at 12:55. Lunch will start at 12:25. If students have drive, walk or have a ride home, they will be allowed to leave campus at 12:25. If a students is waiting for a ride on the bus porch, their ride must be here at 12:25. If they are not, they will wait in the cafeteria until their ride arrives.
If students are bus riders, they must wait in the cafeteria until their bus arrives. Students will not be allowed to leave campus and then come back to school to catch the bus.
Remember, we will be on a different schedule, so if you have early off you will need to plan accordingly.
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