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Columbia High School Campus is closed for lunch

STUDENTS, This is just a reminder that the Columbia High School Campus is closed for lunch. Students may not leave campus for lunch. If a students has 5th Period as an “off” or College period. They may work on the class in the library, sit in the cafeteria , or in another designated area. Students may not leave and come back to campus, unless they have a doctor’s note and complete the return to campus protocols.

Freshman Football Recap

After a hard fought game and winning 3 games in a row. The Freshman Roughnecks had their first taste of defeat. The Roughnecks were defeated by the Angleton Wildcats 32 to 29. With no time left on the clock, the Wildcats sealed the game with a 35 yard fieldgoal . As a team the Roughnecks played an outstanding game and made some major plays. Blake Olsteen started off the game with a 70 yard touchdown pass to Trevon High. High ended the night with 2 touchdowns and Alexis Villisana had a 35 yard field goal. On defense, Gage Raley had a fumble recovery for a 60 yard touchdown along with 2 interceptions. The Roughnecks start district next week and are looking forward to getting back on the path of winning.

PSAT9 test

The PSAT9 test will be given to Freshman on November 18th. The window to sign up for the test will be open from Monday, Sept 28-Oct 15th. The cost is $13. No CASH only Checks and Money orders please payable to CHS Activity Fund. If you have any questions contact Stacey Coulter 979-799-1720 Ext 2022

Voice of Democracy Scholarships

Voice of Democracy is awarding scholarships up to $30,000.
Just record your original 3-5 minute essay on “Is This the Country the Founders Envisioned.” Deadline Nov 13th. Application can be emailed or picked up. Contact Stacey Coulter 979-799-1720Ext 2022 for more info.

We will be going back to our normal 7 Period hybrid schedule on Monday, September 28.

Students, Parents and Teachers, We will be going back to our normal 7 Period hybrid schedule on Monday, September 28.
The hybrid means that both 3rd and 4th Periods will meet for an hour and a half every other day. This allows for students to get one more credit towards graduation.
Lunch information will be provided later.
We are still tallying numbers because there are quite a few students that are having their schedules rearranged. We hope to have that information tomorrow afternoon or the very first thing Monday morning. Thank you for your patience.
The schedule is provided. Bell Schedule is attached.

Covid-19 Information for CBISD

For up to date Covid-19 information for CBISD, it can be found on the website under News and Announcements on the CBISD COVID-19 Dashboard.

Need to Check Out a Library Book

If you are an asynchronous learners and need to check out a library book.
Login: capital first and last initial with school ID number/lunch number
Password is your school ID number/lunch number
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