Project Graduation 2020 » Points


Officers / Chairs / Co-Chairs Points
Officer - Board of Directors 75 (Based on 1.5/wk)
Committee/Fund Raiser Chairperson 35 (Based on 1/wk)
Co-Chair/Sub-Committee Chairperson 10
Meeting Attendance Points
Senior or Parent  1 / each
Work (Senior and/or Parent) Points
Set-up for an event 2 / hr
Work an event 1 / hr
Clean-up after event 4 / hr
Donations Points
Out of pocket expenses (w/receipt as proof) 1 / $5 value
Personal Donation (including from family business) 1 / $5 value
Solicited Donations  1 / $25 value
Food Items (without receipt) Points
Two Name Brand 2-Liter Soft drink 1
Four Store Brand 2-Liter Soft drinks 1
Two 12 Pk canned soft drinks 1
24 pk 16-20 oz bottled water 1
6 pk 20 oz Sports Drinks 1
X-large bag (17 oz Family size) Chips 1
Two Large (8.5 oz) bag Chips 1
Bag of assorted Individual size Chips 2
1 gal can Nacho Cheese 2
1 gal can Chili 2
24 Individual bag Baked goods 3
Homemade cake / dessert 3
Large bag individual candy 1
Fundraising Points
Direct Sales Credit - Based on profit margin 1 / $5 profit
Max. of 3 people per Senior, per event receive pts.
Senior twins received the same pts from parents
Individuals can direct points to any senior they wish
2020 Project Graduation INCENTIVE POINTS
Subject to updates by voting of the Board. 
All CHS PRO GRAD POINT EVENTS must be open to all seniors and approved by the Pro Grad board prior to the event in order to receive points.
Profits earned from FUNDRAISERS starting now and until May are what will be used to put on the night of project grad.
POINTS are to encourage everyone (all seniors/parents/families) to pitch in and help with making these events/sales happen so that we have a great budget to spend on their night in May.
Points will be used in some way to reward those that helped earn the $ needed for the night. Points will be posted at each meeting, see the calendar page.  If you have any questions, please contact our points officer, Robin Yaws. 
***REMEMBER--sometimes points are not recorded until the end of an on-going fundraiser.
ALL graduates will be welcome at project graduation this year.
It will be held ON THE CHS campus, after the graduation ceremony.
PRINTABLE PDF of the points system below.