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Principal's Message


Hello all Columbia High School Roughnecks!


I would like to welcome all of our returning students back to CHS for another fantastic year.   For those of you coming up from 8th grade, let me be the first to welcome you to a spirit-filled, exciting and challenging school that is rooted in deep traditions and high standards.  You will never forget the time you spent in High School, and CHS gives you every opportunity to be successful in whatever road you wish to take.


My name is Bobby Mowles and I am the Principal of Columbia High School.  Here are some of the things that we will expect from you as students of our great school.


1.  Get involved!  Join a club, be a part of a school group, invest your time in a program at CHS.  We don't just educate students on Math, Science, and Social Studies - we are here to grow positive and productive young adults.  Get connected with a school group and help us continue the great legacies that have been built over the years.


2.  Develop responsibility!  Do your best at whatever task you are given.  Challenge yourself to aim high and reach for the clouds.  Show up and take ownership of your learning here at CHS, and utilize the resources of these fantastic educators to mature and grow into a well-rounded citizen.


3.  Have a plan!  There are countless avenues for you to pursue during your time in High School.  You can choose whatever path and direction you want.  Invest in your future.  Use your time at CHS to prepare yourself for Post-Secondary options.  College, Trade School, Work Force, Technology - whatever your path, Columbia High School offers you every opportunity to succeed.  Everything from Welding Certifications and Advanced College Credit to Applied Nursing Certifications and College/Career Tech access - we are here to help you gain that competitive edge and advantage to help you succeed.


We want you to be in charge of your educational future.  Dive in and enjoy our programs and activities.  It will all be over before you know it.  Catch the Challenge and Learn for Life.




Bobby Mowles

CHS Principal