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Scholarship Tips

  • Scholarship Tips
    Important tips to remember when applying for scholarships
    1. Scholarship applications are available in the Counselors’ Office and online at You
    may also request a copy of the CHS Local Scholarship Application.
    2. The counselors will assist you with additional information upon request.
    3. Listen for scholarship announcements and follow news updates on and our CHS
    Facebook News.
    4. Be aware of the following items on each application.
    ● Eligibility requirements
    ● Deadline
    ● Number of recommendation letters required
    ● Specifically, who these letters must be from
    ● Address where application must be submitted
    ● Special instructions or requirements
    ● Be complete. Make sure scholarships and/or applications are signed.
    5. When requesting letters of recommendation, please remember:
    ● Be considerate. Give the person enough time to write a letter of recommendation.
    ● Be specific. Give a deadline.
    ● Be helpful. Give them your resume.
    ● Be careful. Make sure the letters are directed to the correct scholarship.
    6. Keep photocopies of everything you submit. Create a filing system.
    7. Don’t wait to be accepted by a school. Apply for scholarship(s) or financial aid as if you have
    already been accepted.
    8. If mailing applications use return receipt and/or certified mail. This will assure you that the
    university or organization has received your application.
    9. Deadlines are very important. Please remember:
    ● Deadline means the last day an application may be turned in. You may turn in applications
    early! Be aware of postmark guidelines if mailing applications.
    ● Each university and scholarship committee sets their own deadline. Students may submit the
    scholarship application directly.
    ● Students will be required to complete and submit these applications on their own.
    10. Other considerations for a successful senior year.
    ● Apply for SAT and/or ACT exams.
    ● Decide which 3-4 colleges/universities you would like to attend and apply for admissions.
    ● College visitations will help you choose the college of your choice.
    ● Apply for financial aid at FAFSA application opens Oct 1st