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 WELCOME!  My classes are Business Information Management I & II.  (BIM)

     See my "Daily" folder -- this is where you will see what is put on the overhead projector in my classroom each day. Filenames are the date that lesson was shown in class.  Each file will explain what documents students were told to download, websites to visit, online videos to watch and if anything was to be either printed or 'turned in' to the Google classroom.   You will also find the BIM class syllabus and other important "how to" documents in this folder.
     The FREE tutorial we use is --  wonderful and easy to follow lessons on many different applications, including the ones we focus on: Google Drive, Windows 10 & MS Office 2016.  My conference is 1st pd, 7:15 - 8:05 

See our Daily lesson plans and 'how to' documents.  

Below are the FOLDERS for  each of the 
applications we learn/practice in class:
Word  ~  Excel  ~  PowerPoint
the company we use for practicing the tasks/tests students need in order to certify. -  information on the industry standard MOS certification exams offered.

MOS certification poster info 

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